Question for 4oD users (Channel 4 On Demand)


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My Sky service went down over new year so I've been keeping up to date with a few of the shows I watch on BBC iPlayer and 4oD.

Unlike BBC's iPlayer, 4oD is an app which you have to download and install. In doing so it puts an icon in your system tray when you start your PC.

You can right click and close it however I want rid of it for good, well at least until I want to use 4oD. Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be an option in the 4oD settings and when I fire up MSConfig to change my start-up process it isnt there.

Does anyone know how if there are any other ways to remove it? Registry settings etc?

I know it sounds really sad but I'm super picky about what programs are in my start-up list and system tray!



PS - Apologies if I'm asking in the wrong forum.


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Is it in Add/Remove programs in control panel?


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I use 4OD as well, but hate any program loading until I want it to.
So to stop the 4OD from loading until I need it (with out uninstalling it) simply go to the start menu and click "RUN"
in the run box type "msconfig"

This will load the ms config utility that allows you to chose what starts up (on one of the tabs). You can also chose what else starts up (and more importantly what doesn't start)
If you stop 4OD from loading in this way when your PC starts it does not effect 4OD and it will work normally when you click on the 4OD icon.
Hope this is helpful:thumbsup:.

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