question, first lcd in a house of plasmas


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Hi there,
I've only had plasmas up until now, but I just got a Samsung LE32C530. I'm piping sky around my house using rf and magic eyes. When I plugged the LCD in and fired it up in the room I wanted to use it in I got diagonal striping in the image which makes it rather fuzzy. I got the same when I plugged it in to the sky+ box directly. Blu ray/1080p looks perfect but the analogue signal looks pretty rubbish because of this fuzziness/striping.

So two questions, since this is my first LCD:
- Do LCDs require running in like plasmas?
- Would the plasma tvs I have be more forgiving to imperfections in the analogue signal than the LCD I've just bought? I've never seen this striping on any of my tvs.

Any help would be much appreciated as I'd hate have bought a duffer. That said I'm not sure it would be a duffer if the dvd/bluray picture is spot on.




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LCDs do tend to show everything warts and all. They aren't that good for SD sources generally and are more prone to showing very light interference than plasma. Low quality composite and analogue transmissions are better shown on plasma. If theres a source of interference try to remove it. It could be a mains cable next to AV or aerial cable. If its an aerial cable the signal may be too strong or too weak. Aluminium foil can be used to shield AV cables where mains cables get close to them and you can't keep them apart. Alternatively if your using multiple scart sockets on your tv sometimes you get a feedback loop causing onscreen interference which can be sorted by modifying scart cables to make them uni-directional.

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