question about watts on amp to speaker


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I just need to understand what happen if you brought a speaker that are 75watts front and back speakers go with a amp to 150W outputter? Is this mean the speakers not suitable for that amp?

I planning to buy Wharfedale diamond 9hcp and maybe denon 1906 until there new amp that support 1.3 hmdi and support HD DD/DTS but I notice new pioneer got 150w output and got me thinking about the speakers


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You stand more chance of damaging the speakers with an amplifier that produces less watts than the speakers due to clipping (Overdriving the amplifier).
BUT do not read into watts that closely as for example a VSX-2016 amp from Pioneer states that it has 150watts output / channel, now if you do the sums that would require it to have a power supply capable of producing 1050 watts to drive all channels (7) simultaneously at full power, but it only has a 450 watt power supply as it relies on the fact that not all channels will be driven at full output together which in most cases is true but still leaves open the chance of clipping.
Then again you could buy a Cambridge audio amplifier which produces 80watts / channel into 6 channels (480w) but has a 615watt power supply, do the maths again and you will see that it could easily deliver its quoted output, it even goes on to state that into 5.1 it will deliver 100watt / channel again no problem.

With the right speakers I would bet that the Cambridge is a lot louder than the Pioneer as it has the power supply to deliver it.

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