Question about TMPGEnc - Vob files seem a bit smaller than original

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    Hi, i have just read the guide : , very clear guide :), and i have the tmpgenc dvd author as on there. Just a quick note, to record from dvd-ram u can also manually copy the video file onto hdd.. but i think this does exactly the same thing as the program doing it lol.

    Anyway, this question i have is to do with dvd-ram too, as i would soon like to transfer some movies from dvd-ram onto dvd-r from my panasonic recorder. The problem is, i have imported some .vobs recorded on a panasonic (dvd-r), and when i burn (create to hdd), the created vobs seem slightly smaller in size than the original, but i dont understand why, as i thought tmpgenc kept the quality and didnt encode/transcode at all the vobs.

    Btw, the reason i am using just vobs (rather than u might ask just copy the whole disk), is cos the recorder mucked up the disk and wouldnt finalise/write, and i want the programme on it with menus etc.

    I have tried different vobs/mpegs, from finalised dvd-rs too, and there is also a slight decrease in the vob size too. An example of this: the original video was 2.78gb, and the produced one 2.77gb (when selecting the vob files for that video). This seems very small difference, but if u look at the more detailed properties, its about 11mb less... Is this maybe because tmpgenc cuts some frames of the start (saw something in help about half of a second missing at the start for some people:S)? I just wonder, because i want the video with the original quality i recorded it in.

    I also tried a single vob in NeroVision Express 3, using the automatic and so it had smart encoding at 100% for both audio and video ( i believe this must then not reencode..), and it seemed to do the same thing with the file size, its slightly less.

    If anyone knows why this happens, please reply thx :). Also, basically, does the tmpg keep the quality of the original video, and am i right in thinking it doesnt re/encode? (cos read on few sites it dont i think... and in help it says it dont encode video)


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