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So I have a desktop PC with a Quadro P620 video card (4 mini DisplayPort out) that I currently have connected to two identical monitors via mini DP out/DP and also to a Casio XJ-V2 projector via a mini DP/HDMI adapter and then a HDMI cable to the projector.

I have these set up as extended displays so the two monitors are displays 1 and 2 and then the projector display 3.

This setup works very well and I have had no issues.

What I need to figure out is: how can I duplicate the projector (display 3) so that it is the same image on a second Casio XJ-V2 that I have mounted on the other side of my room. Essentially I want to have two projectors display the same as what it currently extended on the one projector.

I bought a powered HDMI splitter, hooked up the HDMI cables properly and it's lighting up that I have input and two outputs, but I'm not getting any signal to the two projectors (output not working).

What am I doing wrong here and what should I attempt to get this to work?

Thank you!!
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