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Hope this is the correct thread for this question.

I have just had my new Panasonic G20 for 4 weeks now and very pleased with it, now in the process of deciding as to buying the BS780 to give me Freesat, what I would like to know is what extra would I need buy to make a surround sound setup if I cant connect the BS780 to the TV to give me the surround sound, would like to keep it all Panasonic if possible, don't really need to be an expensive surround sound setup.

Or should I look at maybe a Freesat box/twin tuner recorder and a DVD player with all the speakers included.

Hope all this makes sense not to much into tech.



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For surround sound you're going to need some sort of surround sound amplifier (av-amp) and speakers.

These can come as an "all-in-one" package. That would includes a dvd (or bluray player) plus the amplifier and surround sound processor in a single box with a set of speakers.

Alternately, you can go the 'separates' route and buy an av-receiver and separate speakers.

The all in one package might be cheaper but may be restricted in the longer term as you can't (usually) upgrade or change the speakers. If you fancy staying with Panasonic equipment then you'll probably find an "all-in-one" to fit your needs.

The separates route may be a bit more expensive but is likely to be more flexible (so you can use equipment from other manufacturers) when it comes to upgrading or adding extra equipment.

Have a look at the Richer Sounds web page for some ideas on equipment and get some advice from the "av-amps" and "all in one" forums.

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Thanks for that will have a look at Richer Souds site and my be go and have a word them.


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