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question about the iphone 3g screen


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is the glass meant to be completely flat? in correspondance with the silver edges ?

mine is flat down the left hand side , but slightly indented at the right, so i can feel the silver edging.

would this be classed as a design fault on my handset?

The phone is still under warrenty, if I were to take this back to the apple shop, would they swap it ? what detailed do they require when you go ? as I have bought the phone second hand.

also if the phone is water damaged will they touch it , on the above faults?


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It's supposed to be even on both sides, so yours doesn't sound quite right. Whether Apple swap it or not depends on how you 'sell' the problem to them. They are pretty good at this sort of thing though, they like things to be right for you.

But, to answer your other question, if it's water damaged you'll get a flat NO regardless.


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It's a tricky one to predict, as if I was in their shoes I'd give the phone a good once-over to make sure that this is a manufacturing defect and not a result of being dropped or having had pressure applied to it. The water seal is something I'd check as part of this.

But equally, the person you deal with at Apple may not do this? Or they may agree instantly that your phone isn't right and deserves a swapout.

No harm in going in there though to find out. If you don't, you keep your phone as it is now. If you do and they reject it, you keep your phone as it is now.



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apple have only changed my handset the once,
when it had water damage,
actually i used the phone in the rain not knowing about the dumb sensors,

on the port connector if you shine a torch under the connector while the phone is face up,
you will slightly see the white tab,

if it has turned pink then it will stand out straight away and much easier to notice.....
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would this be classed as a design fault on my handset?

That's a tautology (contradiction in terms). A design fault would affect everyone's iPhones. But to be helpful, mine is the same both sides, sounds like yours has a manufacturing defect - but is it really enough to worry about ?


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i haven't had one which has been un-even,

and i have gone through a few handsets,

are both censors pink or just the one at the bottom,
first one being down the headphone port,


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if not water then could be moisture from any thing,

you can still take it in and argue the point,
hopefully there will check inside and see its not water damage and swap it for you....

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