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For the review of the Cineza it stated that the HS1 does not have true a 16:9 LCD panel. What is meant by this ?

I want the projector solely for watching DVD's and I want to make sure i can view them in proper 16:9 mode.



You can get 4:3 LCD panels e.g 800x600 resolution (SVGA) or 16:9 LCD panels e.g 848x480 (WVGA). The next step up in resolution is 4:3 (XGA 1024x768) and 16:9 (WXGA 1368x768).

The VPL-HS1 has a 4:3 800x600 LCD panel, this means it will project light in that dimensions. You can still play DVD's on your projector at 16:9 but it will mean you will have light spill above and below the 16:9 image (think of watching widescreen shows on a 4:3 tv). This can be annoying as the lightspill detracts from watching the 16:9 movie.

You can get round this by masking (such as velvet from John Lewis etc) your screen so that lightspill is not an issue. A 4:3 projector comes in handy when you want to play games on your projector but personally if you just want to watch DVD's then go for a 16:9 LCD panel projector.

If you want to read a bit more about the native LCD panel resolutions then head on over to



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the article makes a good case for 4:3 projectors. I went 4:3 aspect ratio with the Sony hs1 and i'm happy enough with it but with all things i guess its each to his own.....


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