Question about the best signals to use.



Thanks for looking

Firstly i have ordered a Themscene H57 so cant wait for that to arrive.
My room will be fully blacked out and the PJ will be ceiling mtd.

Just a couple of questions my wife bought this system for me the ONKYO DR-L501 last year came with jamo speakers.

here is the specks i think .

5 x 21 W / Channel Continuous / 6 Ohm / 1 kHz / DIN:
8-Language Soundtrack Capability:
Aluminium Front Panel
Audio Input Terminals : 2 / Audio Output Terminals : 1
Automatic/Manual Tuning:
CD-R/CD-RW Compatible:
Color :Titanium
Color-Coded Speaker Terminals
DSP Soundfields :12
DTS / Dolby Digital / Digital Audio Output
DTS / Dolby Digital / Dolby ProLogic II
DTS, Dolby Digital and PCM Compatible:
Digital Input and Output:
Digital Inputs : 1
Digital Output / Optical : 1
Direct Track Access
Display Dimmer
Display Dimmer / Modes :3
Dynamic Range Control
FM Auto Tuning
FM/AM Random Presets 30
Headphone Jack:
MP3 Playback
Playback DAC (Digital / Analog Converter): 96 kHz / 24 bit
Plays DVDs, MP3 CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, Video-CDs, Audio CDs
Preprogrammed RI Compatible Remote Control
Preset Station Naming:
Program Memory Playback:
RGB Video Output:
S-Video (Separated Video) Outputs : 1
S-Video Output : 1
SCART Connector / SCART-RGB Connector
Sleep Timer
Subwoofer Preout : 1
Super Slim, Space Saving Design

What cableing i am i best running to get the best picture and sound.
Will be looking for a lenth of about 6 m max could reduce to 3m min.

I will mainly be using it to watch films rarly use the x box with.

Also will need to connect it to a laptop to allow the wife to practice presentations with. ( this is why she has agreed so easly to me getting it)

Thx for any help :clap: :lease: :clap:


Optimised for European Widescreen Home Cinema - HDMI, DVI, PAL Progressive and SCART RGB.


Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
For video I would use DVI or HDMI if possible. It has less image noise than analogue systems (though they can look almosy as good sometimes). Then use VGA, RGB or component. Not all projectors handle SCART very well, as some can have issues with the voltage range or macrovision, so if you see some strange flickering, that could be the cause. Component should be fine though.

For audio, just use good quality (which doesn't mean expensive) 75ohm rated interconnect cables and you should be fine. I use CPC and they do some very good cables at good prices. You won't hear any difference between some mains flex and £1000 speaker cable of the same length, so don't go overboard with the speaker cables either, just make sure they're not thin.



Thx will start looking to order the cables this week


I do not really understand the DVI and the likes of that.

But have checked the DVD recv and these are the connections i can see.

Scart Cable
Digital optical in ( fiber cable)

And the projector is

Inputs: Digital Video HDCP DVI SCART RGB - VGA (via SCART RGB adaptor) S-video (4 pin MINI DIN) Composite RCA x 1 RS232 (3 Pin MINI DIN) Digital Video HDMI DVI (via adaptor) Analogue Component (1) DVI Analogue Component (2) RCA x 3

The bit i dont understand is the HDCP DVI SCART RGB - VGA (via SCART RGB adaptor) Does this mean that i am best running a scart from the DVD player and the fitting a convertor (dongal) at the projector.

I take it the RS232 is for computer connections

Digital Video HDMI DVI (via adaptor) is this the Digital optical in and would this be the best way to do it.

I was thinking about running S-Video as we is there much benifit in running a number of cables.

I am looking to order these cables over the net tonight or tommorrow night so any input would be :thumbsup: :thumbsup: much help.

Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
SCART RGB or component look like the best options from your DVD player (I'm assuming RGB is the three RGB component connections). I just assumed that the player had DVI or HDMI - I didn't read the spec properly. :blush:

Not sure how you can get the SCART to the pj unless you have a scart to vga adapter, so the scart gets coonverted to a vga cable, and the vga cable terminates in the projector.

Can you try short cables just to see which one looks best (if there is a difference), so you can then decide which cables to buy full length?

Almost forgot - DVI and HDMI are digital capable connections which take a digital signal straight form a DVD player or PC and put it straight into the pj with no analogue conversions along the way. It gives a cleaner signal and is the one to go for if possible, though vga from a PC can give excellent results too. PCs generaly provide the best image quality of any DVD player, but it does take some setting up and PC knowledge to get tha best out of it.



Thabks gary i will order a Scart RGB, was thinking about getting a long length of RGB.

When you say componet do you mean S-video.

This optical output what is it exactly and is it worth putting one in.

My main worry is plugging the system up and the wife going it is rubbish.
It has taken me long enough to get her to agree to it.

I have set the system up in a spare room. So there would be no light issues.
3 main walls have been painted dark blue with the screein wall painted ice white. ( i am going wait a month before i get the screen so that i can decide on the size which best fits the room)

Intally the wife thought it would look like one of the pictures you see in the pub when the footballs on. ( god i hope its not)

I think i will be upgrading the DVD once i can sweet talker.

Have to say thanks for the help have found everyone on this forum very help full.

Joe Fernand

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The hardware manufacturers don't make it easy at times :)

Your new projector has five video inputs:

DVI - for Digital Video sources (HDMI or DVI)
HD15 (VGA) - for RGB sources (PC or Video)
3xRCA - for YUV Component video
4 pin mini din - for S-Video
1xRCA - for Composite video

The RS232 port is a comms port - you use that if you want to 'control' the projector from a PC or Home Theatre control system (AMX. Crestron etc).

The HD15 (VGA) socket is supplied with an adapter that allows you to plug in an RGB SCART source to this socket.

I don't have any details on your Onkyo system - I'm intrigued as to the RGB output you mention, is it one and the same as the RGB enabled SCART socket or not? It may well be a YUV Component output!

The one problem I foresee is you having your SCART RGB source plus your Laptop PC HD15(VGA) source - they both want to plug to the Projectors HD15 (VGA) socket; unless the Laptop is new and has a DVI output.

The Digital Optical Input on your Onkyo is an Audio Input socket - you'll use that for the 5:1 audio feed from SKY+ or similar; its not relevant to your projector wiring.

If you planning on 'upgrading' and your 'installing' the long video cables I'd suggest a full compliment of DVI, 75 ohm five core for RGBHV, S-Video, 75 ohm single core for Composite and a Multicore Comms cable.

Do you have any links to info on the Onkyo system? - that RGB output could be key to a simple set-up for you; otherwise you may have to install an RGB switcher or do manual cable swaps when you want to use the Laptop.

You don't mention a Digibox and only mention an X-Box in passing - do you have a run down of all of your sources.

Best regards



Standard Member
If you're shelling out for cabling I'd seriously consider installing a HDMI/DVI cable and getting a DVD Player/PC that can use it. There's a Samsung DVD player with DVI out that can be had for around £100 and a Denon for twice that. Get one of these and a DVI cable and you can save yourself the expense of long SCART leads etc.

I'm not sure what the X-Box outputs? in descending order of quality the likely contenders are VGA, RGB, S-Video, and Composite Video. If you're not using it often ( and it supports it ) then s-video will be a good compromise between quality and cost/size as the cable is cheap and not too bulky but offers a significant improvement over Composite video

Good luck



I have a link to the onkyo

This should go straight to the user manual.

The pj will mainly be used for the DVD player 90% of the time.

As for sky i was not really going to use the PJ with it at the time.

The X Box will be used may be 3 times a week with the PJ at most.

The Laptop will be connect up about once a month.

You mention a combination cable were could one of these picked up and rough cost's.

Once again Thx for all the help everyone :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Joe Fernand

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Your Onkyo DVD player has YUV Component video outs - which is a plus point as it saves having to share an input with the Laptop.

The basics you require then are:

1 x HD15(VGA) to HD15(VGA) cable for the Laptop.

1 x 3RCA to 3RCA cable for the DVD player.

1 x S-Video cable for the X-Box - possibly others can comment on using the X-Box with S-Video or not; I have a few 'occasional' use customers who use it like this and feel it produces a decent picture via S-Video.

As before if its not going to be easy to revisit the cable install I'd be tempted to stick an HDMI to DVI cable into the projector as a bit of future proofing.

Myself and some of the AV Forum sponsors (Mark Grant, TV Cables, HiFi Cables) can sort you out with the cables you require without breaking the bank (or the video picture).

Best regards



The cable install will be simple to revist so that should not be a problem.

The run would be about 7.5 meters.

Could u let me know a price and how long it would take to arrange delivery.

Thx Darren


Just thinking about it could you give a price for the system with out the HDMI , DVI and with them included.

thx again

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