Question About System - New Arcam Stereo Receiver Made My B&W Speakers sing like I never thought possible.


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I know I'm new, but I've been on here many times. This is the first audio (other than boombox related) site I've opened account, and plan to be involved in community. Nonetheless, I had an experience recently where I changed a Denon 1300X AVR, that had blown out trying to drive my speakers, with an Arcam SR250. I set up the Dirac room correction and it is magical. The music change was drastic everything is clearer, I'm hearing sounds I didn't hear before on songs I listen to often, and separation is pretty good. My Denon was always running hot, and the Arcam only gets warm after long usage. I'm in love and it has the HDMI inputs.

This got me thinking about my system, and potential weak links, or areas that could result in another jump in improvement.

My system includes:
Pioneer PL-510A with Denon-DL-110 (mostly) and sometimes a Shure V15 type IV (Neo NAS Jico stylus) or a Grado Black2. The Grado and Shure give more bass!
Parks Audio Budgie Tube Preamp
Arcam SR250
Bower and Wilkins B&W 683 S2

What are your thoughts about this setup. I had been thinking about going with a LOMC Cart like the Denon-103R. I would get an Ortofon ST-7 SUT. What do you think? Any other cartridge recommendations?

Other item to potentially upgrade is the turntable. It is hold and materials have changed. I understand that, but I also understand the turntable to not have much return on investment once you reach mid tier. The cart does most of the work. I do like the look of the Fluance RT-85, but I would need to sell the Pioneer first. I love the look of the PL-510a, and being manual, it is so simple to use and maintain. I also don't want to throw money at something that won't have any benefit. I already own 2 Technic 1200 tables (DJ).

I listen to hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, drum & bass

I recently moved to FL and need to find a local HIFI dealer. I bought the Arcam SR250 from Upscale Audio as I watch them on YouTube often and wanted to show some love. They also had just 1 left as it had been discontinued for $1500 (MSRP was $3,600).

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