Question about sound on PS3


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I have my PS3 connected to my Sony hi-fi via this digital optical audio cable and the sound is amazing:

However, the sound comes out of the hi-fi speakers, but no longer comes out of the TV speakers. Is there any way to get sound to come out of both the hi-fi and TV speakers when using this cable? The reason I ask is that sometimes eg late at night, I will want the sound to be just comming out of the TV speakers, but even with the hi-fi turned off no sound comes out of the TV.
Any help much appreciated.
Cheers :)


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Unfortunately not. It has to be one or the other. The PS3 unlike the 360 has no option to output sound from more then one connection. It's possible they may address this issue in a future firmware update.


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just switch the output!
Well I think that is what he was trying to avoid. Ofcourse you can do that but it's not exactly convenient.

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