Question about Sony Bravia KDL-S32A12U


I want to apologise first if this is the wrong place to ask. I'm not quite sure where you'd ask about this.

Anyway, this coming Friday I'm going to be getting the PS3, and I've ordered a couple of Blu-Ray films to watch on it. However, looking at a site it said for one of them (The Searchers) it runs in 480i/p and 1080i. Well, I'm a bit worried because apparently my TV has a native resolution of 720p, however I've also read it supports 1080i.

Now, I haven't really got a lot of knowledge on this subject, so I don't understand. Will the picture look ok if I have it on 1080i? I mean, lets say for example I got out my The Searchers DVD and compared it to the Blu-Ray version - even though my TV has a native resolution of 720p, and I set Blu-Ray films to run at 1080i, will the picture look as it should?

I'm also getting a HDMI cable, since my TV supports that. Will this also help make the difference?

If someone could explain to me, hopefully in a very easy to understand way, whether or not my TV will play Blu-Ray films really well in 1080i, it'd be appreciated.

I'm mostly worried because my Xbox 360 games look blurred in 1080i, although sometimes a lot smoother than if I was playing in 720p. But in 720p, the picture is clear but not as smooth, as in not as many jagged edges.

Anyway, any help with this would be great. I apologise again if this is the wrong section to ask. I'd love to watch Blu-Ray films, and have a great picture quality, but I'm a bit worried as you may gather that my TV might not be right to play them.


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i think the ps3 comes with hdmi lead let your telly run at 1080i.how close are you when you play your xbox i have a different bravia but i run xbox at 1080i thru component sit 9ft away and picture is crystal clear


I'm not too sure how close I am to my 360, actually. Although I don't think I'm 9 feet away, and to be honest I've never tried sitting further away. I have sat quite a distance when playing on 720p, and it does become a better picture.

Anyway, thanks for the help. Hopefully then these Blu-Ray films will have a great picture quality. And I'll try sitting further away!
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