Question about PC connection to 1024x768 panel


I'm thinking of buying a new PC and I'm going to make sure that my PC has an HDMI output on the graphics card.

I'm intending to use a resolution such as 1280x720 on this said PC to my Panasonic PX70 42" plasma. Presumably as long as its an HDMI output I wont get any issues with the picture being off the screen or anything like that will I?

Also anyone using one, assuming this set up works alright, how does such a resolution look on a 1024x768 plasma, I presume its OK?


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I have my HTPC connected to my PX70 by VGA (or you could use HDMI).

Mine is set to 1360x768 (to get the right proportions) and with font smoothing in windows XP, it looks fine. if you use 1024x768, it will look stretched as the pixels are rectangular.

Movies are played in Zoomplayer, at full screen, so while a film 1280 x 720 is zoomed slightly, it looks great. :)

Oddly, setting the desktop to 1280x720 is no good, you need to use closest to native of the panel (768 high).

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