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I plan on buying the Sony 65 A8H or LG 65 CX OLED and a new soundbar with surround speakers.
I want the best experience for series and movies, especially 4K HDR content with lossless surround.
The TVs I haven't decided yet. (I know LG is better for gaming, but I doubt I am going to do that).

For surround, I have these candidates so far:
  • Samsung HW-Q96R (was on 50% discount last black Friday, so hoping for a similar offer this year)
  • Sony HT ZF9 (soundbar/sub set + Sony 2 surround speaker set that can be added to the ZF9)
  • JBL Bar 9.1
  • Samsung HW-Q950T
Experiences with these soundbars? For me to enjoy lossless though, I understand it that no TV are able to pass-through lossless sound to apps (such as plex), EVEN with eARC, so I'd need an external device, such as NVIDIA Shield Pro for that. Then I can use plex on the Shield Pro.

NVIDIA Shield Pro <-HDMI-> Soundbar <-eARC HDMI-> TV (even though the eARC isn't tectically needed, as I connect the Shield pro directly to the soundbar).

If I want to connect the Shield Pro to my TV however, I would need soundbar and TV to support eARC so it can pass the lossless sound to the soundbar.
Soundbar <--eARC HDMI--> TV <--HDMI--> NVIDIA Shield Pro

So am I correct to assume that this setup of TV, soundbar and Shield Pro will give me lossless Atmos/DTS:X?

Am I thinking of this all wrong? :p I'm new here, please be kind! :)

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