Question about my TV that's been bugging me.


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OK me and a mate have a question. One of those questions that sticks at the back of your head and shows it's face occasionally at which time you seek answers online and give up after an hour and push it to the back of your head again as you have other things to do.
I have this TV here.
I had a problem a while back with it but it's fixed now.

So it's a 100Hz CRT with a VGA socket for PC/console imput. The question is:
How does it show the VGA source? Interlaced or progressive?
My mate, who started all this, believes what is happening is that as he has only seen standard VGA sockets on TVs which are 100Hz, and I've read in a few places this usually means they will do 120Hz, the VGA signal, which when shown on a PC monitor is progressive, is in fact interlaced on my TV over 120Hz.
I wasn't so sure but thought maybe he is onto something with the 120Hz. Is it because as the TV can do 120Hz interlaced therefore it can do 60Hz progressive?

Another late question. I posted something yesterday and previewed and a link showed.
I previewed today with this and it's not linking. Oh well I'll soon find out.


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Amongst other forums I visit I often see people referring this forum or the US one, what's it called? AVS?, to people if they have a question about AV equipment.
I thought I'd leave this one sit for a few days so more people might notice it.
Can anybody recommend a forum where I might get an answer?

Is the question clear enough?
Is the VGA signal on my box output at 120Hz interlaced or 60Hz progressive? The arguement for it being interlaced is that from memory only 100/120Hz TVs have a VGA socket however putting 2 and 2 together I'm thinking the engine, for want of a better word, that can do 120Hz interlaced I would assume can do
60Hz progressive.
I just want to know in what form it's actually put out.

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