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I am considering migrating my son's PC to an elite for two reasons

(i) I have just updated my HT and everything else is Black so the XBox spoils the overall effect a little

(ii) The current XBox is quite old now, maybe coming up to it's third year and has already been fixed for RROD. It has recently started to get a little unreliable, with a few crashes a week so I think it may be on its way out.

The current XBox already has a 120GB HDD having been upgraded from 20GB.

Will it be possible to migrate the data from the current 120GB drive to the new Elite 120GB drive?

I assume that I will need to request a transfer cable as they don't come with the Elite - is that correct?




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You can only migrate from a smaller hard drive to a larger one. You cannot transfer between two drives of the same size.


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Swap the hard drive around - thought about that, but the hard drives for the elite and non-elite consoles rea different colours aren't they? Would still work but would offend my eye a bit.

Dark Knight - yeah I saw that. But the listing very cheekily shows a black hard disk in place. Obviously I don't think this means you get a hard drive, but I did think that it meant you got a replacement shell for the hard drive - a black one to replace the brown\grey.

But that is wrong. You have to buy the hard drive cover as an accessory

XCM XBOX 360 HARD DRIVE SHELL COVER *BLACK* [fr-360-xhsb] - £14.99 : Jackofallgames, Video Games and Console Specialist

That's another £15, making £50 altogether - buying an elite and selling the current XBox wouldn't be that much more expensive.

You cannot transfer between two drives of the same size.

According to the Microsoft instructions this is not the case

The restriction is that you can't migrate to a smaller disk - presumably because they don't want to be held responsible if someone's data doesn't all fit on the new disk.


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