Question about Image Stabilization

ush flynn

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for the most part it should be turned off for action shots, saves battery power and gives you faster response times


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Some Canon EF lenses incorporate an image stabiliser to prevent camera shake from spoiling the shot. This is particularly useful on close-ups or at slow shutter speeds, in situations where a tripod camera cannot be used. Optical shake is detected by gyro sensors which provide data to neutralise the shake. Some EF lenses have two IS modes, including one for panned shots to help you enjoy still greater photographic freedom.

richard plumb

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depends on the action shot.

eg when I did some shots at the Touring Cars, I put my 70-300IS in mode 2. That lets you pan with the action but still stabilises in the perpendicular direction.

But if you're jiggling it around all over the place, you need to turn if off.

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