Question about how to use OLED TVs with PC


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I recently bought a 65" LG G1 Oled TV. I'm using it mostly for PC but I see some problems and couldn't find a decent answer yet..

  • OLED Brightness option says that it's disabled for PC but I can see it enabled ( although maybe it has no effect? )
  • Screen brightness sometimes dims too much.. I know TV is protecting itself but sometimes if there are two windows one of the window is bright as the sun, the other one is so dim, you'd think there's a gray screen before it. Sometimes my mouse cursor looks like gray instead of white.. Energy saving options are disabled on TV, and as much as I know all automatic brightness settings are disabled.
  • Pixel Shift: Well, I know that we shouldn't disable this. Because yeah, sometimes it needs to shift pixels to prevent burn-in.. Although this is sometimes big headache.. I realized that I couldn't see the bottom of the taskbar in Windows. You know when an app is open there is a slight indication at the bottom of the icon.. Yeah, that disappears completely after sometime. It seems pixel shift eats away from the bottom of the screen and soon, there is no indicator at all. Before realizing, I thought it was because of some overscan/underscan problem, and tried several things.. As far as I know it's required but it's an eyesore.

Do you have any suggestions?


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The only way to disable ABL is via service menu and that is a very bad idea but if you want to do that you can find instructions on the internet.

Select game optimizer mode (if not already) as that has slightly less aggressive ABL.

In addition using PC mode will dim the output slightly (according to rtings who reviewed C1 as monitor), but without it you will lose chroma 444 support, if text rendering is still fine to your eyes then leave PC mode off.

Under energy saving->energy saving step set this to off.

Next set windows to dark mode for everything, fewer bright white GUI elements will trigger the ABL, use dark skins/themes for your web browser.

Set wallpaper to plain black or use a moving wallpaper engine (select workshop then search for items, e.g. water effect 13, walk in the rain.

No screen/pixel shift and having task bar on screen is asking for trouble, if turning off pixel shift set taskbar to auto hide and screen saver on short timer.


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I'm actually using all the settings you suggest including dark mode. Although wallpaper engine was an app I searched for.. Thanks for that.

I don't prefer to turn off burn-in preventing settings so while I really want to see which apps are open on the taskbar only way that I could still see the bottom is to use a custom resolution like 3824x2144 and arrange the display.. But it's a bit work, and I don't want to mess with custom resolutions especially sometimes it doesn't work with some games..

Thanks for your suggestions though.. Especially for that app.

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