Question about HDMI TVs and amps


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This has been puzzling me for a little while now, perhaps someone could offer some answers. Lets say I have an AV amp that can switch HDMI audio and video and I purchase a TV that has HDMI input to connect the two tegether. The tv (as most do have a built in tv receiver such as freeview). so my question is does the HDMI interface allow bi directional audio. Do you see my point - I don;t think it does so as well as the HDMI cable, I have to run some other cables for audio from the tv back to the amp. At some time in the future the good fellows at the BBC may broadcast discrete multi channel sounds so I will then have to run extra cables back to the amp. Unless I am wrong this seems like a stupid way to have come up with an interface.

I suppose that a good option would be to buy just a monitor and buy a separate freeview box which is kept with the rest of the hifi components. I have a cheap and cheerful box at the moment but am appalled buy the squirbles that come out of the surround and left and right channels when the programme mostly conatains dialogue. Would a better quality freeview box cure this problem? And of course finally where do you get a freeview box that is a standard 430 mm wide and in black???????



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HDMI can be directional and is used a such for HDCP. However it is the display itsef that need to send out the audio and i don't know of any that do that, plus the amps monitor out is just that out only.

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