question about harddrives in dvd recorders


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What is the picture quality like if you use ,say ,Panasonic DMRE85 or similar to record compared to a Tivo?
In terms of bit rates and resolution, is it same/better
,and do they let you adjust the res/bit rate?

Thank very much

Fred Smith

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I find SP on the DMRE85 about equivalent to Best on my TiVo.

The 85 has four differant recording modes so yes you can alter bit rates etc.


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Hi fred
Is SP the best quality the dmre85 does?


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I know sky+ is the best, but now I have a tivo and a panasonic E50 recorder and am getting disapointed at the results of best tivo quality compared to a direct sky digital feed, So wondered if changing these 2 pieces of kit for a panny E85 would be significantly better?


If you record direct from Sky to an E85 in XP you should get as good results as copying from Sky+ to an E50(in XP).However,Sky+ does have excllent advantages over any HDD/DVDR,like 2 channel recording at the same time,or watching one while recording another,and Sky+ eliminates the red dot also.E85 has the advantage that you can edit before transfer to dvd.If picture quality is the ONLY consideration,then the E85 would be better-get Sky+ later

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