Question about GRAW Chapter 2


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I have recently i.e. yesturday forked out the dosh for Chapter 2.

I use a Samsung LCD to play the game on.

When playing online in the Nowhere night map and previous to that one, the boat map where its raining, for got the name.

Most people dont let you use Infa Red goggles to spot fellow players, i had assumed that because they had included the goggles that levels like this were suppoed to be so dark. On the new boat map at night i can see better, but on the Nowhere night map and the boat night time rainy one it is very hard to see.

Now i know that i have an LCD, but its been brilliant and i have never had problems with dark detail before, other than when the games use HDR and crush the black totally.

I would ask the people that host the games but my mic is broken so i thought that i would ask on here.

If i had a crt or some other form of TV to try it on i would but it seems to me that it is just hard to spot people on there levels.

Anyone else noticed this, i am feeling abit paranoid that its my TV, but i really dont think it is ? ? :)


matt bellamy

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I have a Panasonic SD plasma with the XBox 360 connected via component cable and set to 720p. Every game looks awesome but you're right, those levels on GRAW are just to damn dark and unplayable without the night vision turned on.

I've spent a lot of time fine tuning my TV and dark games/films look fine and detail is great. I think that those particular levels are meant to be played with the night vision goggles so you can be walking around and not see anyone, switch on night vision and realise you're surrounded:devil:

So I don't think your screen is a problem if everything else looks ok.

Do you mind if I add you to my friends list? I play GRAW a few times a week usually between 9pm and 10.30pm. My tag is LiveCyclone360


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Not at all, dont want to sound like a saddo but i currently have a friends list of Zero.

None of my mates have a 360, all ps3 fanboys :thumbsdow

Would be glad of some good company on GRAW

Yeah i thought that might be the case, just a bit paranoid thats all :rolleyes:

Love the new maps, just the night ones get on my nerves a bit.

I think most people turn the night vision off so they can get to your spawn point and camp in a dark area and wait until you walk past where its lit and take you down.

I mean its not like you can actually walk around with the night vision on as it ghosts like a madman and its hard to aim but at least you can say, ahhh thats where someone is.


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I thought more people would be annoyed by this to be honest.

Seems like more people just avoid the dark maps


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There is nothing wrong with the game as walking around in a desert at night would be pretty dark i guess, The problem lays with the plonkers hosting the game ;)


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Yeah that seems to be the case,

I dont particularly like the night vision in the game, it is balanced by the fact that it ghosts and it is hard to aim in this mode but i am still not a fan. I think they could of done it better


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Stud i just got ghost recon a week ago and also recently bought chapter 2. I play it quite often online so feel free to add me to your friends list and we can play some co-op missions. Ive still to give them a try. :clap:


Yes , the night missions can be very very difficult to see even on a HD Ready display.
Some will need goggles , others wont.
I always leave the option on for others anyway.


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You only need the goggles when there is alot of cars, or buildings. I mean the buildings on Nowhere are pitch black inside and people just blend into the background when there is alot of things in the background.

I guess it just depends which person is stood in the most light enabling someone stood in the dark to see them .

Just was a bit worried you hear the stories about LCD's not having good black levels and crushing details. From the usage i have had with my LCD i would say it is great on both levels.

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