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Question about gaming and LCDs

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by JorgeP, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. JorgeP


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    Hello everybody.

    I found this forum while researching the inet for a 26'' screen to play games in 480/720P, and thought it a good place to ask for opinions concerning a big issue I still have with the whole idea of upgrading from my Sony 21'' CRT.

    It's about the small lag all flat panels are supposed to have perhaps due to the kind of image processing (upscaling, deinterlacing and whatnot) this sets do. Please note that I'm not referring to pixel response time related problems such as ghosting and movement artifacts (I take it that those have been addressed in the newer < 8 ms models) but to experiencing a delay (sometimes very small but perceptible nonetheless) between controller input and on-screen action.

    My point is that I'd gladly invest in one of the latest Samsung or Sony LCD screens for the possibility to experience XBOX and PC games in their optimal wide screen, high definition modes, but not at the expense of playability or gaming performance, so here go my questions for the gamers in this forum: how many of you have experienced this lag? how bad is it? and finally, taking this in consideration, which 23 or 26'' tv would be most suited for gaming?

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