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Hello everyone,

I am ready to buy my first music system that I always wanted to own but I have very little knowledge about this topic , and I would truly appreciate if you can advise me about my 3 questions below. I will give you some feedback : mainly I listen to new age and instrumental music , and some snyth pop stuff …I will not play heavy metal, rap, or country music etc… I watch very little tv and I don’t care about tv either but would like to connect the tv to my music system. What I really care is the quality of the sound (just like all of us) . I don’t listen to music very loud, and I don’t blast them all the way, but I don’t keep the level very low either.

My questions:

1) The amplifier that I am planning to buy is Denon AVR S-750H . I chose this brand and model for 2 reasons. The price is extremely good at Costco ($399) and I heard only good things about the brand and this model . Is this product something that I can use for many years, or will this break down like some other amplifiers within a few years?

2) I wrote above my music preference, and I want to buy 2 good quality bookshelf speakers. My maximum budget is $800 to $1000 (for the pair) and not more (or perhaps 2 bookshelf speaker and one subwoofer). I checked several websites and came up with the following brands:

Audioengine A5 , Audioengine HD6 , KEF Q100 , KEF Q350 , SVS prime , SVS ultra , Klipsch RP-160M , Klipsch RP-600M , Klipsch The Sixes , Dynaudio XEO 2 , Definitive Technology SM65 , Definitive Technology D11
Which speaker would you recommend based on the music type I like, and how compatible these speakers are to the Denon amplifier I wrote above? If you do not like any of them, do you have any recommendation for me?

3) I will also buy a turntable. I should have no problem to connect the turntable to the amplifier, correct?

Thank you all for helping me! I appreciate the advice.



Why are you buying a 7.2 channel surround amp when you only want to listen to 2 channel music? A 2 channel amp will deliver much better sound than an AV amp for the same money


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Maybe forget the amp and speaker setup. Keep it simpler



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The list of speakers you have are a mix of active that don’t need an amp (just a Preamp) and normal passives that do. And as said go for a stereo amp, the avr will give worse sound and has loads of feature you are not using but paying for. Simplistically if you divide the budget by the amp components you will see - stereo amp > preamp, power amp x2, maybe phono stage and/or DAC, case (6 items) - avr > preamp, room correction, various licenses to dolby/room correction etc., 5/7/9 power amp boards, possibly phono stage, ADC and DAC, case and more case components e.g. connectors/plugs (15). So as a rough rule of thumb an avr will,sound as good as a stereo amp 1/3 of the price optimistically.

If you are looking at a turntable then sone stereo amps come with a phono stage to plug one into, if not you will need to look for a turntable with a built in phono stage (line level output) or use a separate phono stage (available from $25-25,000).

For connecting tv the best way is through the optical output which most flat panel TVs in the past 15 have but your amp will need to have a built in DAC or again use a separate DAC box.

Can you also let us know what you main music source will be, CD/streaming/radio ? And do you have a device for this already?

As a starter for ten, if you have a combined budget for the amp and speakers of around $1200-1400 then I would suggest something like -

Yamaha AS501 at around $550 which has phono input, DAC and a decent amount of power to drive most speakers in a regular room and add then B&W 607 anniversary ($700) or Kef Q350 ($700) depending on if you want more clarity or a broader soundstage. Or if you can squeeze the budget the slightly bigger B&W 606 anniversary at $900 or Dynaudio emit m10 at $800. Prices taken from Crutchfield site, no idea of the US sales tax system so take that into account and you may be able to buy cheaper elsewhere, sometimes dealers do bundles with good savings. Final note, if talking to a dealer and you find a system you like haggle to get the wires thrown in free but don’t get bamboozled with the sales patter on expensive cables, you should be able to connect all this up for $50 from Amazon.

However, best thing it to make up a list of say 3 amp and 3 speakers and when restrictions allow book a session at a reputable dealer and let your ears decide and then follow this up with a home demo if you can. Only you can tell what works for you in your room.


You've been given good advice above. All that I will add is that AV amps, certainly Denon, are very poor at stereo music and as music is so important I would avoid AV amps like the plague. If you want a stereo amp that can double up for the occasional TV use then you will need one with a DAC onboard along with optical inputs.

You should consider amps from Marantz and Yamaha that are in your price range.

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