question about bluetooth on ue40nu7190


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Recently got me this 2018 model and I thought I had the specs right. Wrong. Once I had it up and running I discovered after a few days that this model has no bluetooth on board and no headphone jack either. Quite a dissapointment since I’m not able to return it anymore because I had it running for more than 2days.
My question is there is a way to use any of the other connections to hook up a bluetooth transmitter so I can use my bluetooth headphone. I had one on my old Philips tv but that one had a headphone jack. I do have hdmi and usb and also what looks like AV / in or composite. Any help or suggestions highly appreciated.


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thanks for the reply. currently I have my soundbar connected to the optical out. Are there more options maybe?


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No other options other than an optical splitter then on to a D/A convertor.

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