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I've got a Sony VPH-1031Q.

I've had it for over a year and have had good results with the projector. I have mainly watched DVD's and TV using the composite input on the projector up until recently.

A few weeks ago I built a Home Theater PC so that I could watch DVD's and TV in 540p. The video output from the HTPC is set at 960 X 540 resolution and is input into one of the units RGB inputs. I'm driving it from an ATI Radeon series card and have PowerStrip software on my pc for adjusting the output RGB video. I'm also using an Extron 109 sync. converter.

The picture looks wonderful except for a few items.

1. The green CRT 'blooms?' when turned up to an 'acceptable' brightness level. I suppose the blue and red do as well but they are not as noticeable.
2. There is uncorrectable keystone at the bottom left and right corners of the picture. I.e. the picture slants inwards from the top to the bottom on both edges.
3. There is a concave curvature along the top and bottom of the bows down at the top and upward at the bottom.

I have tried correcting these with the registration controls, but fixing them via that method appears to be out of range of the potentiomenters.

I have NOT adjusted the G2 controls (as I'm not certain what functions they calibration manual is a little sketchy there.)

I have not viewed much video through the composite input after my most recent calibration, but I do recall that the blooming issue does not exist as it does with the RGB input.

Any ideas? I can provide whatever more information you need to help me troubleshoot.

I think you are trying to teach an old dog new tricks here.
Whilst the PJ is capable of the resoloution you are showing it will never be pin sharp.
G2 will nt affect the focus so don't do playing with that.
If the image is sharp at low brightness levels then it could be your tubes are getting tired.

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