Question about backing up DVD into avi/xvid...


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Right, firstly I know how to use DVD Shrink etc to back up DVD's as I have done a fair few of my discs...

What I had a problem with yesterday was transcoding a DVD into an AVI. I ripped my Monsters Inc disc to DVD files, then reauthored it in DVD Shrink to strip the menus's extra's and audiotracks (except the DTS) from it.

After that I loaded it into AutoGK and set it to transcode into XviD AVI format....

End result was a 1.36gb avi file - which when played gives out lots of lovely DTS - but with a completely blank video screen :(

This is odd, cos I did the exact same procedure with The Transporter SE (DTS) last week, and that turned out fine - 1.36gb AVI, great picture, only the 5.1 DTS audiotrack...

Any idea's? Don't wanna leave it encoding for the next 3+hrs to find it's done the same thing again :(


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Sorry i don't know the answer to this. But if you use virtualdub mpeg to convert the VOB, you can at least abort at anytime (using a single pass) and check the output is OK.


Load up the file using virtualdub (this is automatically installed when you install autogk) and see if it plays OK.

If you still get a blank screen then this could possibly be a graphics driver issue as there's obviously a problem with the video overlay. Try upgrading the drivers to the latest version and see if that rectifies it, or rollback to a previous version.


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Ok, interesting!

Opening it into VirtualDubMod shows the two screens, both saying "WARNING: NOTHING TO OUTPUT - BFRAME DECODER LAG"

Press play however, it then plays fine :confused:


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Okay, even more random now....

Just tried to open it in MediaPlayerClassic, and it played...

Cos I tried VLC again (which is what I normally use, and what I used last time I tried to play it (before making this thread, so about an and hour and a quarter ago) and this time it played fine! :confused:

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