Question about AV amplifiers.


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Ok, on all the amplifiers I've seen so far, they all have video inputs as well as audio inputs. Do you have to run the video through amplifiers or can you just connect the video cables straight from the dvd player to the tv and then have an audio cable from the dvd player to the amp?

Also is it possible to have an av amp using surround sound with just 5 speakers and not the subwoofer?

I have a sky box with the usual stero rca outputs and the same for the pc, and I have a dvd player with a coax/fibre output, I want to be able to use all the devices with the amplifier so I can control the sound remotley and be able to have the dvd player using surround sound.


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You don't have to use the video switching capabilities, you can plug the video directly to the screen and audio in to the amp.

You can use the amp without a sub.


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Another question re receivers.

Switching between terestrial TV broadcasts and the Humax 9200 there is always a loss of sound which is currently resolved by turning the TVs volume up. Invariably the volume adjustment is forgotten when the TV is switched back to the terestrial broadcast and so I tend to get deafened to remind me to turn the volume down.

My question is, if I had a receiver/amp would I be able to set the volumes for the Humax and terestrial broadcasts so that I could switch between the two without having to fiddle about adjusting the volume each time? Could I get a box which I can plug everything into which would "normalise" the sound up or down to a "master" volume control?


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generally the AV amp when switching sources will be the same as the source you just switched from.......not aware of any myself that reset to where the other source was last set to.......its possible some amps do this with actual channel levels, but not master volume....

i could be wrong tho and some super duper top of the range jobby does

you might want to check to see if the Humax has a volume control itself....some boxes do, my Sky+ box has a volume output level.....

i know what you mean tho, my mum hates switching from a DVD back to TV as the DVD is really quiet in bother me quite so much on the receiver as the sound is split up amongst various speakers, so its not usually a great big blast from one direction...heh

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