Question about Audio Breakouts on a Scart Lead....


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I will be looking at the option of running the audio from our NTL box via my Amp, by the looks of it I will need ot use some form of breakout in the Scart lead from the NTL box to VCR (and then onto the TV).

I see two options....

  1. Use two quality Scart leads (eg Thor) from NTL box to VCR to TV and in the TV scart socket have one of these here with the phono leads into the amp
  2. The second option would be to use a quality scart cable and for the second lead use one of the cables which already has the phono leads hanging off the Scart lead.

Does anyone have any experience of this.......


Ian J

Why are you thinking of either of these convoluted conections when you could just run a pair of phono cables from the NTL box directly to the amplifier for audio.

I am not sure that option one will work in any event as you will want to output RGB video from the NTL box and the scart in the VCR may not have RGB passthrough so you will be reduced to watching pictures in poor quality composite video.

the silver samsung NTL boxes dont have any audio outputs and some of the pace ones didnt either.

i use the exact same scart adapter, only its plugged directly into the back of my NTL box, then the 2 audio feeds to the amp and then a scart to the TV. works great, good picture (RGB) (as good as can be on NTL) and good sound. and dont forget to turn your tv speakers off or you will get a slight phasing effect.


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