Question about an incorrectly fitted reverse camera


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Hi folks,

Ill start by saying I know nothing about fitting car stereos but have learnt a bit in recent days,

I picked up an old Zafira with a very outdated stereo system. First thing I did was get it replaced and the one I ordered had a screen plus came with a reverse camera.

A fitter installed it all for me, everything worked fine initially until I left then the reverse cam would display "no video input" or words to that effect.

I went back yesterday, we identified that it would lose connection with the camera once the car was switched off and keys removed. The clock on the stereo would also reset.

He did some rewiring, so the lead with constant power was connected and it all seemed fine. To be on the safe side we tested it about 20 times, switching off and removing the keys and it worked perfectly. It worked on the way home aswell.

Today ive started the car and its back to "no video input" it did briefly work earlier, and ive also had a flickering image appear briefly but for the most part its just not working again.

My feeling is the camera is ok but the wiring is wrong.

I appreciate I havent given much info but would anyone who knows about this stuff have any opinion please? I dont want to keep returning to the fitter if its more complicated than he is capable of although he does seem very good.

Hoping someone may have a suggestion I can put to the installer



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Sorry should have have updated this.
Apparently it had 2 power inputs, so he wired up both and it was problematic.

I asked him to just disconnect it and I've he took one power lead out it started to work.

I may have the terms wrong but that was basically it.
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