Question about abolished roaming charges


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Hi folks

Ive been following these proposed abolishment of roaming charges for some time, living on the border between NI and Ireland it will impact all our phones and tariffs.

So it will enable me to use my calls, texts and data when I cross the border and leave the UK - does anyone know if it works the other way aswell? Will Irish networks also have to abolish roaming back in to the UK?

The whole brexit thing could apparently mean UK gets excluded from this policy in future but ill cross that bridge as and when it comes

Any ideas?



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To answer my own question, it looks like it will but it seems some of the "all you can eat" packages are still imposing some restrictions


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My understanding is that if you live in NI you cannot keep on calling RoI for free all the time, but if you were to be in RoI all your calls back to NI will be free.


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I think thats the case, I live on the border so potentially it could be very good for me. Its all supposed to happen tomorrow so time will tell

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