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Hello, I'm new here!

I have an old Blu-Ray drive in my desktop PC, model ASUS BC-1205PT. The computer itself is powerful enough with latest generation hardware. But I'm totally confused by all the BD standards and I have found no info on the internet on which current discs my drive reads or does not, if it can play new 4K discs or not. It was totally fine playing all kinds of on-sale BDs I regularly bought at my local shop, but I presume those were all old formats as the drive itself was bought about ten years ago as a read-only device for casual movie nights.

I've noticed there was a lot of development in the Blu-Ray and film standard industry, but I'm still not sure about what can I still use in my drive and what to look for. I just recently bought an OLED 4K HDR from LG that I use with my main computer.

Is my BD drive outdated and not usable for new releases? Should I keep it and go with the "lower quality" releases and what kind of disc types should I look for at max that my drive is capable of playing? For example the new anticipated LotR 4K has a format of 9 discs BD-100, as stated on their website. If I want to play this new release on my PC, which internal BD drive should I upgrade to and if, what are the current / upcoming standards I should pay attention to? Is there something special I need to have to use HDR / Dolby? I presume a software player like PowerDVD?

Thank you so much for clarifying.


Welcome to the forum.

4K discs require compatible UHD players which were not released until 2016.

4K discs are not compatible with players earlier than that, or that are not specified accordingly as UHD, so it is fairly certain you will need to upgrade your drive.

Hopefully others will be able to advise you on some of the detail in the latter part of your question.


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Cyberlink PowerDVD is the only software left capable of playing discs (optical drives are a dying tech on PC) and PowerDVD has a bunch of DRM hoops you must jump through before it will let you play the disc.

Install Cyberlinks advisor and it might tell you if its possible.

Your probably better off just getting an actual BD player.


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Thank you so much, that helped. The app claims that I can play Blu-ray 3D but not UHD. So I guess I'm out of luck. There were some information on the web that there could be a firmware update that would let some older players read BD-XL discs, but never found anything that would fit my model.

I guess the question is now following: if I'm serious about playing UHD BD, should I upgrade to a BD-XL drive for my desktop PC and try my luck with PowerDVD software or should I buy a reputable BD player? How bad are the DRM restrictions and all the quirks of playing UHD on PowerDVD?

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