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So, short story a Quest 2. Manufacture date 'before July 21'.
Unfortunately "Little Tommy" being untethered from the PC or living room, took it outside and showed his mates... Cool, until it was dropped - no problem sturdy stuff...but then it stopped working after a few days of him not playing with charge, no power, dead.

Eventually the missing part of the story is that it was dropped in water...then squirrelled away for those few weeks and so as this is a 'warranty voided' situation (thanks Oculus) eventually I took courage to take it apart to see what could be done...Not totally, only to the motherboard!

Relatively easy to do, a few pit falls and things to think off. But it all comes off in layers. 6 to be precise so far.
Tiny screws of course, both cross head (00) and the odd hidden Torx (T2) inside but quite do'able with spudgers in hand.

Inside there were signs of grey/blue corrosion everywhere but mainly on screw heads and under them.
Even many smds on the mobo had caught the rot too, but after an ultrasonic bath in IPA for 30 minutes looking like new.

Testing looked to prove the two SMD electrolytic Capacitors fighting fit (surprised to see those in a modern device) and the mobo never gave me any shorts so hope is high.

Most was surface corrosion but the heatsink on the SK Hynix CPU was literally starting to rust.

The story will unfold as I clean connectors and test the battery etc before popping back for a test...

However briefly it looks as if both top sensor ribbon cable connectors took the brunt (or it's a weak point) as the copper on the ribbon has turned black and perhaps in some cases broken the traces so this might be a sad end...we will see...until next time...

Anyone seen inside spares or particularly ribbon cables for it on the market yet..?
I have actually emailed Oculus enquiring...worth a punt I reply yet.

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