Quest 2 Lost All Games


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I originally post this on the Oculus forum and sent them an email but have not heard back yet. Figured I would try here and see if someone can help.

My nephew recently factory reset our Quest 2 to clean it and reinstall the games. We now can't find the games anywhere. I had a chat session with an Oculus tech and he asked if we had backed it up to the cloud. I have no idea if we did or didn't, but I would not think that would affect the total games just the game play stats. He made it sound like we were out of luck. We had quit a few games and spent much money on them. There has to be a way that they can see our past purchases and allow us to download them. Has anyone run into this or have a solution?


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Your games and saves will not be on the device but you should still be able to go to the Quest Store and download them again.

It should say 'Get' below any games that you have bought. Just click on that and it should download and install the games on your Quest 2.

A while back Oculus did have an issue where some people's games libraries disappeared, I think someone on here started a thread about it.


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My Quest 1 has done the same for the first time in over a year. Store is not loading either to re-download. I cannot even seem to sign my account out and back in again. I could do a hard reset i suppose but i'd rather not.


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interestingly - i tried kicking off casting from my ipad just to see if they were talking (which they were). when i checked all my apps were back. weird. maybe something fixed back end in between or not.......

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