Query re SACD player and DVD-A playback


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I posted previously about this issue but this is a different query (I think!) .

As I said in my previous post, have a DCS P8i which is amazing whether playing CDs and especially SACDs. However I do have a small number of DVD-As which won't play on the P8i.

So, my question is this: I read about the new Chord Hugo DAC and wondered whether the P8i would play DVD-As if I connected it to the Chord. The P8i can be set to act as a transport and to accept incoming data from something else eg my Alesis HDD recorder.

It's entirely possible I've completely misunderstood the compatibility issues here but hopefully someone could tell me whether my dCS player is going to be at all useful in my search for a cheapish way to play DVD-As.

I do have a Pioneer BD player which can play DVD-As but can't imagine it's likely to produce great sound. I've never hooked it to my speakers though as I've no amp. My speakers are active ATC 20s and I've no turntable so no need for an amp, given the P8i has digital volume).

Any thoughts, suggestions?


I'm not familiar with that particular DCS model but I do use a DCS Scarlatti in my system.

My understanding of the p8i is that it will play sacd and output an analogue signal to a preamp. If you use it as a transport and connect to your new DAC, the only output you will get is 16/44.1 or standard red book cd. It will not output any hirez format in a digital form.

As for DVD-a, I don't believe any of the DCS product line are compatible with that format.


I just downloaded the p8i manual to check my assumptions above. The unit will only output a digital signal when playing a cd. If you play an sacd or use one of the digital inputs, the digital output is inactive. So not a lot of use for your needs


It would be nice to get some feedback from the OP. If I take the time to research his problem, some follow up might be nice otherwise people just will stop bothering to help
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