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Some of you may not have heard about this, but the BBFC have allowed a hardcore pornographic film, to be given a full and uncut cinema release for the first time in UK history! :clap: :eek: :clap:

The film is called "The Good, Old Naughty Days" and is rated R18! Although the film is uncut and uncensored, it consists of about 12 pornographic short films from the 1920's to 1950's. Each film was designed to be shown in French brothels of the time. All of the stars in the film were unidentified actors of the time, and no cast details exist. The irony is, that during some of the films, you will notice the cast having to rearrange wigs, hats and clothing to stop themselves from being identified.

Anyway, for those of you who can't locate a cinema showing the film, which will be pretty tough, because any UK cinema wanting to show the film, has to request a temporary licence to be allowed to show R18 material, from the local council, I thought I would point out that Metro Tartan are distributing the film in the UK, but that there is almost no chance of the film getting a mainstream DVD release. (And if Tartan do get it released as an R18 DVD, how many of you will dare purchase it from a local adult store? I certainly wouldn't! :eek: ) However, if you hop over to any half-decent import site, you will find the film is already out on Region 1 DVD and has been for quite a while.

Whether or not HM Customs are on the look out for this title, because the films are genuinely hardcore here - even despite the age of the film - I can't say, but you will have to import this film at your own peril. Going by the cover though, unless a Customs agent is au-fait on the title itself, then I doubt it will be stopped, as the cover is totally innocuous! :thumbsup:

Can't wait to see what the public reaction to this film will be! Especially if the Daily Mail hears about it! :rotfl:

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