query on PS inputs and outputs?


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Sep 10, 2002
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if my DVD player outputs PS and my projector has a PS mode, do both have to be in PS mode to display it or just one of the devices? :confused:

Surely both have to be set up for PS ; otherwise the receiving device (projector in your case) would be expecting the wrong format/scan rates etc.
Only exception would be if the projector had some form of autodetection of the applied input mode.
Not being overly conversent with projectors, I am not sure whether or not this is common.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.
well in my case i can decide on the projector if the de-interlacing is made on the player or on the projector.
so i can set the dvd player to interlaced and the projector does the de-interlacing.
and if i set the dvd player to progressive the projector just projects the image as received...
Only one must be set to progressive, so to use the DVD players de-interlacer set this to progressive and turn off the PJ's built in de-interlacer or the other way round would be to set the DVD player to interlaced output and then allow the PJ to de-interlace.

Sometimes having both set to progressive can cause problems as the PJ will be trying to de-interlace an already progressive signal.


cheers for the answers.

I've a Sony VW10HT and a Pioneer 757Ai, so wasn't too sure what I should set it to for PS playback.

In this case if I use an amp (AX5i) to component switch 2 devices I would still get the PS from the projector if I set the 757 to PS and pj to interlaced?

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