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another basic, but difficult for me to find the answer to, question!

I have been looking at the Zalman HD503 and the Thermaltake Dh101 (VF7001)

I want a HTPC that has a screen (i think!, may decide not to bother in the end), but if i have a screen i do not want it to just display a graphic equalizer and a show an illuminated "MP3" icon if i am playing music!

I would like it to display song title/artist and if possible notify me of email messages arriving, news, etc. Ideally a way to navigate through directories to find playlists would be useful.

I have the feeling that neither of these displays will do this - am i correct in this assumption? (HD503 or DH101)

If i am correct, is there a reasonably priced case that will carry out some of these features?
i know there is a few cases with inbuilt touch screens (HD160xt), but to be honest they are beyond what i am willing to pay - would be just as easy, and cheaper to put the TV on!
thanks for your continued help

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Both the Zalman HD503 and the Thermaltake Dh101 (VF7001) use a display made by Soundgraph .

Getting the display working depends what software you're using to play back your music / movies .

As standard , the soundgraph lcd will display the information you want (artist , track name & length , movie name & length, .etc) with Windows Media Centre , iTunes , WinAmp and Soundgraph's iMedianHD programs .

MediaPortal support has been promised , but has been delayed several times .


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The Antec Fusion screen (from Soundgraph) works fine in mediaportal, displaying the music info you want. Many here do not like it's brightness/contrast, but I find it fine (both are adjustable through mediaportal mini display option).

I don't know if it does email notifcations etc - there are a lot of options I haven't bothered with as my PC is dedicated to media playback and I have the screen switched off when not running mediaportal.

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