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i am looking to buy dragon age (ultimate version) and was wondering if i still would need to connect to xbox live to access the content? I am not net connected and so hoped the ultimate versin would get me the extras however the back of the box still seems to say xbox live is needed to access the content - I am a tad confused with this.



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A lot of these GOTY editions are basically the same edition of the game as before but have a scratch card in the box, you redeem the code on the card and get the DLC that way - so you still have to download it. I think a lot of it comes down to space restrictions on the DVD - although with it being an EA game, if you use the code it means you can't really sell it on as the GOTY because you've used the code...


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dragonage ultimate has all the stuff on disk and NO need for internet access on xbox or PS3

PC is the only version which needs a 1 time activation online

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