Query about Goodmans GFSAT200HD


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Just finished installing freesat HD including own installation of satellite dish without any major problems. Impressed with with HD PQ but I also get a very annoying/distracting line of flickering magenta pixels at bottom left hand corner of lcd tv.

Has anyone else noticed this or is it a fault with my Goodmans box?

I am also surprised that there are no controls on the stb to adjust picture; ie brightness, contrast and colour saturation, as I also have a freeview stb and a mediaplayer attached to the tv. It is a right pain to keep adjusting the picture via the tv because the video output of each device is not consistent.


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No flickering pixels on mine. Assuming you're using an HDMI cable and not scart, have you tried changing the HDMI resolution (my TV does upto 1080p so I can set the Goodmans to 576, 720 or 1080)? Have you played with the picture format - tried 4:3 etc. You might find a setting where they disappear, or maybe get a handle on where the fault lies. Can you try the box on a neighbours HD TV?

I agree with you about picture settings. We like colours/contrast a bit subdued but watching HD yesterday the pictures looked washed out. Luckily our TV remote has a "p.p" button that toggles between personal, dynamic, soft and standard picture settings.


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Thanks for the reply
My tv is connected via HDMI-DVI cable
I have since determined that the magenta pixels are present when HDMI set to 1080i.

Also I was hoping to get rid of my 'vintage' Nokia OnDigital Freeview box but the PQ is still far better than the same channels on Freesat SD as well as the fact that not all freeview channels are available on Freesat yet. Mind you I have also noticed that other more recent freeview tuners; eg Goodmans GDB5 and another Nokia do not produce the greater depth of colour achieved by my old STB.


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Thanks for the reply
My tv is connected via HDMI-DVI cable
I have since determined that the magenta pixels are present when HDMI set to 1080i................

It's been many months since I spent time on the TV section of this forum, but I do recall that this was a common problem when a true (Full HD) 1080p TV was set to true 1:1 mode (or whatever it is called on your model) and fed with a 1080 source. It has something to do with the fact that not all the 1920/1080 pixels are used by all sources. I can't remember the cure (if there was one) but I do remember that there were usually tweaks in the setup menu to adjust the picture up/down by one row which might help.

I suggest that you find the thread in AVforums for your particular TV model and do a search or post a question re your problem there.

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