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Queries relating to HTPC / NAS build


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Hi folks,

I have a weird issue with a recent HTPC / NAS build that I hope someone has the answer to.

First I would like to explain my PC setup:
Asus E35M1-M
4GB DDR3 (2 x 2GB sticks)
2 x 500GB Seagate HDD's
Blu-ray drive
Silverstone ML-03 case
beQuiet BN133 PSU 300W

Windows Home Server 2011
Using VLC for media playback, previously tried XBMC.

For thoose who want to know, all of the hardware works silently. For my better half this is a perfect build.
The unit only consumes 10W when inactive and up to 30W when under load from 4-5 devices.

When playing back media from iPad's, Xbox, PS3, etc, the playback is fine.
The vast majority of my media are MP4 files when I made my backups using Handbrake.

The two issue I have are as follows:
1. I wanted to use this hardware as a HTPC in the main room, but video playback is simply dreadful. Also the mouse is stuttering over the screen.
To explain, I have installed the ASUS drivers from their website, but video playback was stuttering, pixelating and green flashes appearing in the video.
I then downloaded the AMD drivers for Vista, Win7, etc and the screen has shrunk to what appears as 1600 x 768. The driver shows it is outputting 1920 x 1080 and the screen shows it is receiving a 1080 signal, but it is bordered all around. It's not a screen size setting on the TV as I have tried both under and over-scan and this will not make a full screen. Playback using the driver is only stuttering. The other issues have stopped.
Putting the older ASUS driver back on the unit resumes the 1920 x 1080 issue, but playback is dreadful as mentioned.
I picked this board as many people who use the Radeon 6310 built in graphics say video playback is great, but they are all using Windows 7.
Q. So what is the issue? Do I need to change my OS to resolve this problem or is their a driver I missed?

2. MKV files do not appear on external browsing.
Q. Does Windows Home Server 2011 transcode MKV files as they do not appear when browsing the directories from external devices?

If anyone has an OS recommendation that will let me use this as a HTPC correctly and support transcoding on the external devices, ideas would be appreciated.


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Do use the AMD drivers, you need to then go to the advanced settings and select. (suggest as I do run the AMD app that goes and finds the best driver for your system.)
My digital flat panel, scaling options.
Putting you mouse pointer just to the right of the slider one click at a time increase the picture to fit the screen, do not over egg this.
Your processor is not up to transcoding basically anything. But you only trans-code if moving from one format to another. MKV's should run fine.


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Thanks for the reply guys.
Sorry if there is a misunderstanding here, but I was referring to the transcoding of the MKV files to external devices. I going to guess that WHS2011 does not support this file format as they do not appear on external devices.

Ref the processor, its the AMD E-350 and has a built in Radeon 6310.
I will try those settings later, but I did try to find this and I don't remember seeing that option. I will let you know.

The processor and graphics should be up to the job as there are lots of reviews of this special motherboard on the net and all praise it for superb video playback, but as mentioned this is with users who have Windows 7. My mouse is also jumping over the screen, this is why I think the issue is driver related.
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