Quarkie Launches 'Audio Art' Headphones

Discussion in 'News' started by hodg100, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Quirky headphones shaped like snake heads, rusty bolts and cats eyes - shame you stick them in your ears!

    The Quarkie headphone design is the result of a designer's vivid dream about snake's heads and cats eyes. Seriously, that's what the press release says! The dream was then transformed into reality when a team of British and Asian-Pacific artists, music lovers and electronic engineers came together to produce the funky audio art range.

    As music lovers, the group's goal was to bring British studio monitor quality sound to an in-ear headphone range whilst keeping in line with their philosophy that high-performance technology products can be beautiful and individual as well as functional.


    Seven designs will be launched in August and the 'funky designs' include: yellow viper snakeheads, green viper snakeheads, snake eyes, cat eyes, chameleon eyes, purple gemstones and rusty bolts.

    Quarkie headphones use specially developed 13.5 mm drive units with aluminum voice coil and neodymium magnets for low distortion, wide-bandwidth and 'excellent transient response'.

    Each pair of headphones is packaged with four sets of ear buds (XS, S, M and L), instructions on how to fit the buds in correctly for maximum noise isolation, a microphone / function controller compatible with iPhones and Android phones and a sharing splitter.

    Quarkie's Audio Art range has an RRP of £69 and are available online direct at Quarkie headphones | british designed and in outlets across the UK.

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    now they are cool, would love the cats eye pair. 69squids, quite expensive tho.

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