Quantum Leap comes to DVD!!!!


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It's been officially confirmed by Universal in the USA - "Quantum Leap" - the 80's time-travel drama - will be coming to Region 1 DVD, as of June 2004!

It will be released in season-by-season boxed sets, and will have extras on them, although what they will consist of, has not been confirmed yet. Having said that, expect audio commentaries, as series writer and actress Deborah Pratt has already agreed to do work for the extras, but she won't say in what capacity!

Should be cool! :clap: to Universal! Let's hope we'll finally get to see all the episodes, uncut and uncensored!


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I knew someone at college who was nuts about Quantum Leap and I just kept telling him to wait until its released on dvd but he said he emailed Universal and they said it would never be released so he went and spent hundreds buying them on dvdr from someone in the US, bet he feels like an idiot now lol

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Pooch, have you any idea if the first season will include the pilot episode.I know it was released on DVD 3 or 4 years ago but seems to have been deleted since.


I thought it was a nineties show not eighties am i that old yikessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :(


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John G - "Quantum Leap" has never been issued on DVD, within the UK, although the "Pilot Episode" did get a once-off Region 1 DVD issue. I presume this is what you were referring to.

Even on VHS, only a very few select episodes were released, across the first three or four seasons, including: "Pilot Episode", "The Americanisation Of Machiko", "The Leap Home - Parts 1 and 2", "Shock Theatre(?)" and a couple of others. I think Universal only released 4 videos, each comprising of two 45 minute episodes, although a special Sci-Fi Channel video release was made available, in a special white VHS box, with the first three episodes of Season 1 on it.

The videos can still be found in some bigger, and older branches, of shops like HMV or Virgin, but I'd stick to the new DVD releases. Oh, and as far as I know, the show was never filmed in widescreen, so please don't expect anything other than a standard, full-frame 4:3 release.


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