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Looking for a quality RGB Scart to Scart to connect my freeview to a JS RGB2VGA. VGA will then goto my plasma. Not to sure if I need audio at the moment.

Is there much difference between RGB Only and RGB Scart (with audio).

Also any recommendations .....


The lack of wires mean no way of changing purpose
but the lack of wires also stop a small amount of interference (apparantly)

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It's not just the lack of wires its that you can use a heavier gauge 4 core cable just for RGB + Composite.

We normally supply either Supra AV6, VanDamme Red Series or the QED SQART - of the three I prefer the Supra as its a more flexible cable than the QED and we can supply it with more substantial connectors that we can currently source with VanDamme; all three deliver better images than any fully wired SCART I've tried in my system.

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does the QED use heavier guage in their RGB version as standard?


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I upgraded to a QED Squart (RGB only) from the Thor fully wired cable and even on my Panny tv it made a difference in the picture quality and colour depth. Well worth the money IMHO.


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Using QED's new performance Squart for my plasma and is great too


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Just put the QED AV41 Sqart on my system.
Sky+ - JStechYUV - Hitachi400E.

Difference to an "older" scart cable was massive.

The AV41 is RGB only - and just £40 from HifiBitz (forum sponsor).


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