Quality of ITV HD Freesat


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I was watching Spain: Paradise Lost on ITV, and I thought that the quality seemed better than usual for Freesat HD.

So this got me wondering, do they vary the bitrates depending on the viewing figures? And if they do, why do they not use HD adverts?

And also, how good quality are films genrally on ITV HD?


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ITVHD runs at 10.7mps CBR even when there is only the place holder.
The variations in perceived picture quality are then down to the type and style of the content production and with HD it's far more obvious the differences such as 35mm film or HD Video can make.

As for movies that type of content more than anything else varies according to the inclination of the producer/director of the movie and includes the format it is produced on and all manner of variables below that even down to the use of low grade stock for effect, lower levels of lighting again for effect and even post-production work to make something less that pristine.
So far when ITVHD actually broadcasts a movie in HD it's a mixed bag, some of been ok and some not, that same pattern is also present on SKY but obvious with their HD lineup the amount is different.

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