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I bought a sony digicam 2 years ago went to the states and took a lot of recording. Returned and tried to download to PC via firewire with high spec PC and record to DVD. managed to do this but really dissapointed with the quality and never bothered to resolve it. Images are perfect when played through the tv dierct from the digicam so i know it did the right job to capture. Just cant figure out why the quality of the pc is basical c**p.

also i have seen comments about the file size - what happens with the quality when burning to dvd if dvd's can only hold just over 4Gb? and your 1hr is 14Gb.

The video on tape is transferred to the PC ( slightly) compressed to an AVI (a sort of file type for video) which takes 13g of Hd space for 1 hr . The process of getting it onto a dvd ( 4.7g) involves further compressing it into an mpeg(2) another very efficient file type which reduces the file size but retains quite significant amounts of video ( and sound) quality. Transforming an avi to mpeg requires an encoder which in the pc is likely to be a software encoder built-in to your video editing program.
The way the final video looks will depend on how good your encoder is and what settings you may (or may not) have specified. Also play the dvd on your TV not computer for best quality.
Furthermore, since the Video on tape is uncompressed , it will always look better in direct comparison.But well made the difference should not be startling. Consider the fact that Hollywood dvds are encoded in a similar way to your humble pc produced efforts ( albeit with "industrial " kit and highly detailed starting material) so if your starting raw material looks good, the avi or even dvd you end up with should look ok.
The weak link is what happens from the time your camcorder is hooked up to the pc up till when you make the dvd. The more you try to put into a disc , the worse the output. There are numerous forums and threads in this forum which deal with trying to optimise the process of ending up with good quality finished material
Which software did you use to capture your footage, encode to mpeg and then turn to dvd.? Whilst you do not need a lot of money to produce good looking dvds , more know how in the process and the use of mainstream tried and tested software is likely to help you with more pleasing results

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