Quality Of DVB-T Tuner Chips



I'm researching what DVB-T tuner card to buy and I need to make sure its pretty sensitive as the freeview signal in my area isnt very strong.

The kind of chips I found used inside cards include Fusion 878A, Philips SAA7134, Zarlink MT352, Xceive XC3018, Conexant CX23881-19, cx2388x, CX22702, DiBcom DiB0700, Philips SAA7146, Philips SAA7135, Zarlink ZL10353.

Does anybody know how good these chips perform with one another?

Chris Muriel

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They do vary - as do the board manufacturers' implementation of the designs.

See : http://www.digital-daily.com/digital/gotview_pci_dvd2/
for some comparisons. More should be available with an appropriate focussed Google search.

If you are worried about sensitivity you can ignore the encoder ICs (like SAA7146, SAA7134& SAA7135). It is the tuner ICs that should matter most, followed by the COFDM demodulators.

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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