Quality of component cables?

I have bought a 10 metre component lead for between my projector (benq 5120) and DVD player (sony ns955v). The component cable was only £12.99 from ebay, and to be fair it is probably worth £12.99. I hoped the picture quality would be a little better, although maybe I am expecting too much with the entry level benq 5120. I can buy a 10 metre Van Damme component cable for £40 (which seems cheap to me), my question is, am I likely to notice an improvement in picture quality from the £12.99 cable to the £40 Van Damme?

What I know about cable quality could be wriiten on the back of a stamp, but although there are lots of posts regarding cable, I would like to see a report on how the different cables compare with one another using exactly the same set up etc. I would be willing to pay more than £40 for component leads if I thought it would make a noticeable difference. I went into my local dealers, who suggested I bought a set of QED component leads from him which he would get made up for between £250 to £300!!! Suffice to say, I left the shop empty handed.


When I first got my plasma and component output DVD player I got some cables thown in by the retailer and thought the PQ was excellent compared to my old RGB connection to a CRT TV.
I then upgraded to cable similar to those made by Mark Grant (10m for £140 Here and the improvement IMO was massive. I don't think you will get better than these without spending a lot of money. You may upgrade the DVD & screen, but you wont need to upgrade these cables. I know they are a fair bit more than £40, but that is very cheap for a 10m component lead.

MarkE19, I have posted a message for Mark who supplies the beldin cables, and I think I will take your advice. I did look at these cables before, and thought that maybe I could get something a bit cheaper, but I think I will take your word for it, and also if they weren't worth the money, I am sure other forum members would have said so by now. You are right, at least when I change the pj in a couple of years (which I am sure I will by then), I won't have to lift the floor boards up etc to conceal the cables again.

When my wife and 8 year old son ask where their xmas pressies are, I will explain that I invested the money in some decent cables having taken your advice (only joking I will still have about a fiver left over for their pressies).

I will let you know if i notice the difference between my £12.99 one's and the beldin's (I hope I do, or the samaritians phone line will be busy).


Though always a bit of a sceptic i do find that better quality cables do make a difference

Of that their is no doubt, mind you once you reach £50-£60 per meter, you reach a plateau where the cost/quality ratio starts to falter.

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Installing a VanDamme or Mark Grant YUV cable set can guarantee your cable wont be a bottleneck in your system - what it cant guarantee is that the kit you have will ever produce a decent image.

I'd also suggest if you have to 'seal' the cable into your ceiling and don't want to revisit the installation you should consider an HDMI cable alongside the 3RCA (YUV) cable.

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