Quality Issues with The Lion King (R2)

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Nov 4, 2003
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I dont know if this has been mentioned before so I apologise if it has.

I recently bought The Lion King (R2) from Tesco and actually got time to watch it today.

I dont have a fancy TV (28inch Widescreen) but I thought the picture quality of The Lion King wasnt very good, alot of the time I could see vertical lines around the edges of the characters and this was very annoying.

I thought it might be my TV so tried the DVD on my computer with PowerDVD and the lines were not as noticeable but then I noticed that the colour wasent stable.

Was this originally encoded wrong and then re-released or are all Region 2 copies out there like this?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with The Lion King on a good setup, it is reference quality. Any artifacts are going to be down to your setup. In power dvd, turn on hardware acceleration under video and choose force weave in advanced.
Thanks, changed the settings in PowerDVD and the colours are more stable now.

As for my setup, I have my DVD Player and TV connected with a RGB Scart Cable, picture is flawless on other films, just this one doesnt look so good, watched Toy Story yesterday and that was excellent quality. Maybe I am just looking into the picture too much instead of just watching it but then again The Lion King was the first animated title I have watched on my new TV apart from Futurama.
Probably what you are seeing on your TV are interlacing artifacts, a lot of films are heavily filtered (picture is smoothed/blurred) to reduce the appearence of interlace artifacts but The Lion King isn't so heavily filtered, which results in more fine picture detail on progressive scan displays but at the risk of interlace artifacts on interlaced televisions. If you look closely all interlaced televisions have these artifacts they are just reduced somewhat depending on how much the picture was filtered. A progressive scan display doesn't have such problems as it can display one complete frame at a time, and benifits from an unfiltered picture.
Thanks for that.

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