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Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by LJ50, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Can anyone recommend me a good quality extension lead (about 90cm to 1m) to go with my Shure SE310s?

    The lead that came with the earphones got damaged and since then I tried to replace them with what is claimed to be the "official" replacement the Shure P640 cable. However when I received it it looked a lot less substantial that the bundled cable had been, then when I first used it there is a horrendous distortion making the vocal inaudible. So back it's gone.

    I'm tempted by the Shure Music Phone cable (MPA-3C) as day to day I use my Sony Ericsson C902 for the radio and mp3 functionality. It'd also be handy to connect to my Blackberry for calls on the train, etc. However nowhere can I find any confirmation that the MPA-3C works with anything other than an iPhone or a Motorola Razr. Has anyone got any experiences of this with a Blackberry or Sony Ericsson?

    My only experience of the phone-compatible extension cables came with a Griffin thing that work gave me a year or so ago, and needless to say it didn't work with either the SE or Blackberry (it did everything the wrong way round, pressing the button let the music play and letting it go again cut it off?!). Hence my concern about the MPA-3C compatibility, but the functionality really would be useful.

    I'm not hung up on getting a Shure branded replacement, and I'll happily spend good money on an alternative if it's better quality.

    At the moment I'm using a JAY-S lead from the kids headphones just to keep me going. She's going to want it back when she notices so I need to hurry up :D

    Any recommendations very very gratefully received.

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