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I'm on the lookup for a quality male-to-female coaxial cable so I can improve the current television signal I have.

At the moment the signal I have is borderline 'watch-able', and after trying various cables I know this is down to the quality of the cable I am running from the wall to my TV - as I have tested a few cheap ones I had lieing around.

Touching the actual TV Aerial and/or putting a signal booster in the loft is out of the question as I am currently living in shared accommodation.

I'm currently using a cable from Wilkinson's, which seems to be returning an average result.

Can anyone recommend a quality coaxial cable that (should!) help improve my television signal?

A thousand thank you's in advance ;)
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You ask for a coax cable and mention a dish - so are you after a coax lead for a satellite feed rather than a TV aerial?

A standard TV aerial lead uses belling lee plugs, but sat uses F-plugs.
I have made up my own belling lee TV leads with the parts bought from Here, but they do also sell the required parts for an F-plug lead and their prices are fairly good IMO. They also have premade leads if you don't want to make them yourself.



No problem - just get a lead with belling lee plugs on it and that should be fine. You could go for the top lead on This Section. Just pick the cable colour and length required and add a male>female adapter and that will be about the best lead you could buy as the coax cable is double screened.


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